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Meet the Garbers


Meet the Garbers


Who are the Garbers?

When we met in college, we discovered we are very different people who share a very particular calling: to serve and love people in an international setting. Fast forward to 2010 where we found ourselves first in the Czech Republic and then in Lithuania in 2012. Having developed an understanding of how to work best in a post-modern, post-Christendom environment, we are putting down deep roots in Barcelona.


Joshua Slabaugh Garber

From a young age, Josh’s Mennonite upbringing and his parents’ commitment to serving others took him far outside his hometown of Goshen, Ind. His strong affinity for activism and social justice stems from his view that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount was meant as instruction – not as an ideal or mere suggestion.

Armed with an arsenal of musical skills, a love for relational ministry, and an affinity for youth discipleship, Josh seeks to model Christ’s radical love in authentic ways.

Alisha Ann Garber

Described by her colleagues as a “force of nature,” Alisha’s indomitable spirit was forged on the race track while growing up in Anderson, Ind. Despite her unassuming demeanor, Alisha has a knack for leadership development, ample knowledge and experience in the realm of restorative justice, and a creative streak running as deep as the ocean.

Her experience working with youth and young adults began in college and has continued without stop to the present. Alisha is also the world’s biggest Muppet fan.

Asher Francis Garber

Born in Klaipeda, Lithuania, Asher is known for his jovial personality, winning smile, and ability to eat his weight in watermelon. His name straddles his parents’ love for nature and the Bible, with an ash being a type of tree and Asher being one of Jacob's sons and a tribe of Israel. Asher’s middle name is in reference to Saint Francis of Assisi, who is known for his love of nature, critique of capitalism, objection to violence, and vitally important efforts in reforming the early Christian church.

"Go swimming, OK papa?" said Asher. "Plis [please]."

Currently, Asher’s interests include reading, singing and dancing, and playing in the water.