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On the Road (pt. 2)

Happy New Year!

We're at the tail end of our trip and what an adventure it has been! If our goal was to come out of this trip relaxed, rejuvinated, and inspired, then mission accomplished.

A strange sensation as our minds begin to shift back to Lithuania is one of going home. As much as we sometimes feel like awkward turtles in Klaipeda, it's now our Klaipeda and our Lithuanian community is waiting for us.

In some ways, this is a meloncholy feeling. Not a day goes by where we aren't reminded of our church, friends, and family in the United States that seem so far away at times, so feeling at home somewhere else makes them feel even more distant and removed.

Then we are reminded that we are here as ambassadors of each and every person who has shaped us as we've grown into adulthood -- our families and friends in Indiana, our "second families" and church community in Arizona, and everyone else we've met along the way. And we realize we are doing exactly what we were created to do: going forth from these amazing people/groups and serving as a beacon of love, hope, and irresistable revolution in a dark part of the world.

Words of encouragement and comments are always appreciated, so feel free to post them and we'll do our best to respond quickly.



On the Road (pt. 1)

We found ourselves letting out a collective sigh Friday, which marked both the winter solstice and our approximate six-month anniversary of moving to Lithuania.

Our first semester at LCC International University ended in an appropriate flurry of action as the students made an exodus from our resident hall for winter break. As the resident directors, that has meant a lot of room inspections, conflict resolution, and students having last-minute personal crisis for us to assist with. This, coupled with working in our place of residence and regular 60-plus-hour work weeks, has left us both very happy (we LOVE what we do!) and very exhausted.

So we have no shame in saying we are ready for a vacation or, rather, a chance to reconnect and recharge for next semester.

We're taking advantage of some regional airlines that will let us fly on the cheap (they make Southwest look bourgeois) and traveling to Belgium and The Netherlands for a 10-day adventure filled with visiting friends, church history and arts research, and exploration.

For this, we thank all who have supported our being here financially -- balancing hard work with personal time is what will allow us to serve here in a healthy, sustainable fashion.

Actually, there is still time to make a tax-deductible donation to support our fund-raising efforts. Make a donation that will directly benefit us by clicking here.

We pray you have a blessed Christmas and find happiness during this season of giving and love.