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Go to ALL the meetings!

This will be a relatively short entry as not a lot has happened since last post other than meetings -- lots and lots of meetings.

Alisha and Josh play some songs (and make new friends) at an open mic. 
During these meetings, we have been learning the ins and outs of our jobs as well as developing our relationships with our coworkers. It is exciting to see things start to come together for the new year.

In addition to our primary responsibilities as resident directors (RDs), we are also given additional areas of dorm life we are responsible for. For Josh, that means supervising, training, and scheduling the dorm reception and night guard workers. For Alisha, that means being the new housing director -- a job that entails placing students in dorm rooms according to gender, interests, preference, and 13 other criteria.

Those of you who know Alisha well know this is a job she is well equipped for.
Our first campus snail mail from the Denny family!

In addition, Josh has also accepted the position of chapel band leader. This means that he will be responsible for making music happen every Wednesday at LCC's optional chapel service.

The resident assistants (RAs) arrive this Friday and we will be spending the next several days training and molding them. These next few weeks are going to be an extremely busy time for us, so apologies in advance if we do not respond to e-mails as quickly as we'd like.

Bonus Section

We like to play a game called "Eastern-European doppelganger." Occasionally we spot someone while out and about who reminds us of one of our friends from the U.S. Below is our first public installment. We present "Hal Shradervich."

Hal (right), meet your suave, Eastern-
European doppelganger.