Note: We apologize for the irregular updates so far.

I've felt no need to hide my excitement since our wheels left the runway Tuesday evening. How could I knowing the next time they touch the ground would be an ocean away?

By the way, U.S. domestic flights need to step up their game. Lufthansa is making you all look bad! The seats were nicer, the flight service was first class, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

In case any of you are wondering, Prague is nine hours ahead of Arizona and seven hours ahead of Indiana/Ohio/Pennsylvania. I'm waiting to see how our bodies respond to the jet lag – so far I feel fine, but I can tell the others are feeling pretty exhausted. This could also be in part due to the training we underwent the past few days, which was low energy but constant.

I've decided my goal is to try to learn a different person's perspective on faith every day and talk to as many strangers as I can. By nature, I tend to be more introverted. However, I've been feeling a sense of boldness and curiosity that is not typical for me. I hope to discover the hidden beauty God has placed in the Czech Republic and bring it to light.

Please pray that our bodies and minds recover from our day of travel and that we are extra sensitive to God's voice as he urges us to move in different ways.