Tonight we had the opportunity to dine and converse with some close friends at Souper Salad. The food was good and the friends were better!

Now we're double checking our luggage and trying to relax a bit -- who knows when the next time will come when we'll be able to enjoy a quiet evening together. I wonder what it's going to be like to travel across so many time zones in such a short amount of time. I was looking at our flight itinerary for when we return from Europe and, based on the departure and arrival times, it looks as though we will engage in some time travel! Alisha will be so excited to learn Lufthansa jets now come standard with Flux Capacitors!

We are unsure if we will be using our phones after we leave the U.S., so if you have any important calls, please make them by noon on Tuesday. Otherwise, we will (hopefully) be able to check our e-mail accounts (Josh -; Alisha -