If you knew you had one week left on earth before entering the unknown, how would you spend it?
Euro Cup and community.
Would you save your strength for whatever the future holds or would you expend it all with reckless abandon?

It seems that, of these two valid paths, we've been inclined to follow the latter.

Last week was our "final push" with a final yard sale and a major purge of nearly all our remaining possessions to charity. A most sincere thank you to all who assisted -- without the help of our friends and family, we would not have been able to accomplish all we did.

However, this week, when it would be tempting to recover from last week's efforts, has become a time dedicated to fellowshipping with as many loved ones as possible and indulging in all that we've grown to love about the Phoenix Valley.

We are spending lunch and dinner each day this week with friends and cohorts -- a good portion of that watching the Euro Cup soccer tournament. If you've not been included in that, know that is purely because of our limited time and not a lack of desire.

We've also been busy listing several items on Craig's List that we suspected wouldn't fetch a fair price at the yard sales (let me know if you need any instruments, hardwood furniture, or video games). Considering the wireless Internet we use isn't, err, generated by our house, this has actually taken quite a bit of time.

We are also playing our final show with The Ragamuffin Stampede (another fundraiser) on Wednesday and I (Josh) am playing my last couple of gigs with The Haymarket Squares on Friday and Saturday.

Come find us at church Sunday if you've not had a chance to say farewell. We plan to visit the Valley again -- hopefully during next summer's break -- but that's a ways off.

Our departure is next Monday (June 25) around 10:30 a.m. and our next blog post will most likely detail the start of a new chapter in our Worthwhile Adventures.

Until then, your thoughts, encouragement, prayers, and support are appreciated.