As much as adventure and change can be fun, it sure is nice to fall into a groove. That's something we're finally experienced the last couple days. And that sounds strange when you consider what all we've been doing.

Alisha officiates the dancing fun.
(Lithuanians aren't ready for her moves yet)
Olympic-style sports, a barbecue, the first of two Star Wars movie marathons, karaoke with some of the faculty at a local pub, exploring the local folk art festival, a European/American-style dance party, and music -- lots and lots of music.

And that was just the weekend!

When we asked our co-Resident Director how our level of student life activity during Summer Language Institute (SLI) compared to years past, she said this year it had increased by "5,000 percent." She also said the overall atmosphere with the students at this year's SLI is more excited and energetic. This is exciting affirmation that we are, indeed, serving in a capacity that benefits from our gifts.

The North American SLI educators and their
families have been a source of much fun.
We also began the first of the mentoring portion of our roles here at LCC International University. Part of our role as RDs is to guide and mentor the Resident Assistants (RAs) that work very closely with the SLI participants. This has been a great blessing as a) our RAs are, without exception, awesome, and b) building close, one-on-one relationships is always a mutually-beneficially experience.

A rare "Josh" picture.
Josh has been working with the two male RAs -- a LCC graduate from Albania and a current LCC student from Nigeria -- and Alisha has been working with a female RA who is a current LCC student from Lithuania. There have already been great conversations and exchanges of ideas that have left all parties enriched.

Also, Alisha likes to tease Josh because he said he "could listen to Albanians talk all day long." It's true, though -- he could.

So yes, we continue our process of adjusting, assimilating, and finding balance. Although we have lots of support here, this adventure has certainly begun to bind us closer together. If you thought we were thick as thieves before, wait until next time you see us!

We're also happy to present another video. We hope our bringing video and photos to you, the blog reader, helps you feel more connected to what you are doing. It is through support of people like you that we are able to serve the way we are and we are extremely grateful.

Hopefully, that is clear.

Feel free to post any thoughts and comments that come to mind. We'll do our best to respond to posts quickly and we love the idea of this blog being two-way communication.

Until next time!