It's been a busy one since last post, so this week will be in review through photos (and a extra special movie you will NOT want to miss at the end).

This past weekend was our University's presidential inauguration as well as Community Day -- a time at the start of each year where the students gather for games and food and, in short, get to know one another better.
At LCC, we celebrate the independence day of each country represented. This week, we celebrated Ukraine's Independence Day and next week will be Moldova's. The events tend to include samples of local music, traditions, singing, dancing, and food -- all led by students native to the country.

Alisha has continued to work on her fear of birds by bringing occasional scraps to the ducks that live next to the university. She will quickly point out which "ducks are OK" and which "ducks are NOT OK."

The first "Underground Potluck." As Community Meals fall under the programming of a different department, we've not been able to continue ours from this summer. However, if students begin having them on their own...well there's not much we can do about that.

The meal ended with multiple games of Dutch Blitz. If you think you are an expert at the game, come visit LCC -- students from all corners of the world gather to play this game when they need a break from their studies and some of them are quite good.

And now, as promised, a very special video.

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