The blog has been running silent this past month as we worked hard during LCC International University's Summer Language Institute (SLI) program. We started our time at LCC helping with the SLI program and it was such a drastic change this time with a year's experience under our belts.

We'll give you a brief glimpse at what it was like with the pictures and videos below. If you interested in seeing even more pictures, CLICK HERE to check out the SLI blog.

SLI started a week early for staff and teachers. We concluded the week with worship on the beach. This year there were several musically-talented folks who helped with music during the week. Standing beside Josh, they were, from left, Kale Kiaunis, Kate Metelak, and Jerry Holsopple.
Alisha's team Res Life team (minus an RD who had to leave early). They were comprised of five nationalities, seven universities, and many different colors of pants. Together, they coordinated over 220 students for three weeks.
When the SLI students arrived, they were placed into classes based on the results of an English proficiency exam. The student population came from from 12 different countries. The ones who traveled the farthest distance to attend came from Kazakhstan (approx 3,900 km/2,400 miles).

SLI students applaud a peers performance during Karaoke Night. Besides managing the daily-living aspects of the camp, Alisha's team also planned several weekly events for the students. They included a BBQ, karaoke, a dance, talent show, several game nights, movies, and more -- you name it, they did it...BIG.
Josh and Jerry Holsopple play music during the students' lunch period. This year during SLI, Josh served as the chaplain's assistant on the Spiritual Life team instead of as an Resident Director. The role consisted of lots of preparing and playing music, equipping leaders, and encouraging students to ask hard questions about big issues such as sex, God, and family. And providing occasional support to Alisha's team. (Photo courtesy of Francis Shum)
Some SLI students help serve food at an orphanage cookout. We were able to bring a
couple of groups of SLI students to the orphanage where we volunteer during the school
year to help show the kids a good time.
Students celebrated and end to three weeks of intense English education. Compared to other European English camps, the quality of LCC's SLI program is outstanding.
Alisha and her Res Life team receive the recognition they deserve during the closing ceremonies.

SLI ended right as Klaipėda's annual SeaFestival began. It was the perfect way to decompress after such a busy month. Highlights were the food, lots of free entertainment, busking, and the circus. A favorite game this year was "Spot the German."

Here are also a couple of videos Alisha's team made during SLI. The first one was to promote the camp's theme, "Be the change," and the second was to promote the Talent Show. Both are certainly worth checking out!