Local art and people watching -- Phoenix coffee shops have become our place of business for those days we're not reconnecting with folks.

"Forty words-per-minute? That's cute. How
about 140?" 
We're back in the U.S. and we're eager to share the amazing ways we've been engaged in ministry this past year (and hear your stories, too!). We had a great time last summer meeting over meals, so we present: The Garber Dining Room Tour 2014!

We're in the Valley longer this time and we want to spend it with you. Like last summer, the idea is that you invite us over for lunch or dinner and, in exchange, we share our experience of serving in Eastern Europe, and you can ask us questions.

If you're interested, we can even make you some authentic cuisine (potato pancakes and pink soup, anyone?) if you cover the cost of ingredients!

Here are our current travel plans:
May 10-June 10.......Arizona
June 11...................Travel Day

June 12-18..............Indiana/Michigan
June 18...................Travel Day
June 19-25..............Arizona
June 25...................Return to Lithuania

We made a calendar below so you can see which days are available and which are already occupied.

Contact us via phone (602-549-1226) or e-mail (fishwithdrums@gmail.com, alishagarber@gmail.com) and let us know when you are free to kick it. We'll put it on our calendar and make sure we're there!

It would be fair to say we are also viewing this as an opportunity to raise funds, but please do not feel like that is a requirement. For planning reasons, please give us a few dates that would work for you.

Check back regularly as we will be posting about our other fundraising events as soon as we are able to confirm the dates.

Josh & Alisha