We're in the Valley of the Sun for the next several weeks and that means The Garber Dining Room Tour continues. Basically, you invite us for lunch or dinner and we can catch up. We're excited to share about different ways we've been able to serve this past year, answer your questions, and also hear what's new in your life.

Plus, if you're nice, we might even make you a legit Lithuanian meal!

We'll be around until June 25 just so we can spend some time with you. We made a Google calendar below so you can see which days are available and which are already occupied. You can check as we'll be updating it throughout the summer.

Contact us via phone (765-606-5955) or e-mail (fishwithdrums@gmail.com, alishagarber@gmail.com) and let us know when you are free to kick it.

As of today, we do not have a vehicle, so our ability to come to you is limited. If you know of anyone who can loan us a vehicle, please let us know!

It would be fair to say we are also viewing this as an opportunity to raise funds, but please do not feel like that is a requirement. For planning reasons, please give us a few dates that would work for you.

Check back regularly as we will be posting about our other fundraising events as soon as we are able to confirm the dates.

Josh & Alisha

We could really use a vehicle -- we're running out of lawns!