The calm before the storm: The yard sale setup early Friday.
Apologies for the delayed update, but we're just now catching our breath from the last week's whirlwind of travels.

Our trip back to Indiana/Michigan was amazing -- we were able to re-connect with so many people while we were there and help family and friends feel more comfortable with what we're preparing to do. If we didn't make it to see you, please don't take offense. I'm actually impressed at how many people we were able to visit and connect with considering how packed the weekend was (see last blog post for a better description of that).

Enjoying an Indiana sunset on the
way to Anderson, IN.
Before we even left the Valley, however, we pulled off our largest yard sale to date. At this point, the majority of what we sold were things that had been donated by friends and our church family. However, we also sold some long-standing items such as our couches, television, loads of furniture, and my cherished motorcycle. Our ability to pull all of this off would not have been possible had it not been for our close friends! They really stepped in on Saturday and allowed us to leave and catch our flight. We are so lucky and it's moments like that when you realize exactly what treasures from which we are moving away.

This approaching Sunday we'll be doing a Q&A during the service at Trinity Mennonite Church. We invite anyone to come who may still have some questions about exactly what it is that we will be doing. Service starts at 10:30 a.m. and we'd be stoked to grab lunch afterwards with anyone who is interested.