First, if you haven't seen this flyer yet, please come!

It's this Saturday evening and, as busy as we've become, there's a chance this could be the last time we'll get to see some of you for a long time!

And now for some thoughts I'd like to preserve during this transition period of life.

I've always liked the idea of simplifying and have considered myself pretty independent of the control "things" seem to have on some people. I don't define myself by what I wear, name brands mean little to me (except for Worcestershire sauce -- LEE & PERRINS FOREVER), and capitalism and the American Dream make my brain tired and a little sad.

But it's been interesting seeing what, at the start of this process, I regarded as a "need" item and, at this point, I realize was still a "want" item.

For example, I went to see if I could fit my entire Lithuania wardrobe into a single suitcase. It was a tight fit, but I was pretty successful. And then I learned I filled the wrong suitcase and it was the medium-size suitcase I should be filling. As I downsized what little clothes I had left, I was surprised at how OK I was with putting more items into the "sale" pile.

It's not just clothes, either. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to live without my cymbals -- the nice-ish ones that I have accumulated over the years. But last night it occurred to me that my luggage would be much less heavy if I left them in storage at home. After all, Eastern Europe has cymbals, too...even if they're not what I'm used to playing.

So this begs the question, "In our culture, do we ever actually know the difference between our wants and needs?"

This is something I am pondering every day as I try to get to the core of my wants and needs. So far, the things I've settled on are Alisha, seven days worth of clothes, a camera, and some musical instruments. The other things, it seems, are merely anchors that tie me down and make me less mobile to serve when I feel the call.

I invite you to join me in asking yourself, "What are the anchors in my life? Am I finally ready to cut them loose and set sail?"